Benefits of Custom Fit Sports Guards
Smile Savers produces custom fit sports guards that form to your teeth and protect you in any contact sport. Your custom sportsguard is molded from a model of your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. Custom mouthguards come in a wide variety of colours & personalized cases.

Smile Savers provides Superior Quality / Custom
fit sports guards using top of the line dual laminate materials.
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Smile Savers also offers teeth whitening for those looking to brighten their smile!!
Prevent or reduce the severity of head injury
Oxygen intake
Streamlined fit allows better air flow to improve
athletic performance
Double laminated for strength & shock dispersion
Reinforced brace behind front teeth
Less bulky, feels natural, secure fit
Snug fit to make communication clear, an important factor in sports!
The guards are beneficial in any contact sport like:
Hockey - Ringette
Football - Basketball
Rugby - Lacrosse
MMA - Wrestling