What's involved? How long will it take?
A quick impression is taken of the upper teeth. Once the impression is taken the customer selects the colour of the sports guard and protective storage case. A day or two later the customer returns to pickup and try out the new the sports guard. If any adjustments are needed they are done on the spot to ensure a proper fit. The customer then leaves with the new sports guard, personalized case, model and a use and care instruction sheet.

What's included in the price?
The price includes the initial appointment and impression the sportsguard, a model of the teeth that was used to create the sports guard, a personalized case with the customer's name and phone number in event the case and/or sports guard is left behind and a use and care instruction sheet explaining how to care for your new custom fit sports guard and any further adjustments that may have to be made to the sportsguard in rare circumstances.

Smile Savers usually take appointments in the evenings and weekends at the company home location. Other arrangements can be made for teams or groups along with "house calls" - Just ask!!

Why should I get a custom Sportsguard for a child whose teeth will change?
Custom sportsguards offer the best protection against tooth injury and concussions. Although children's teeth are changing, I am usually able to allow space when fabricating the mouthguard to allow for newly erupting teeth. A 'typical' mouthguard for a child should be replaced approximately every sport season - allowing for a 'new' snug fit as the teeth change.

What if I have missing teeth or just lost a tooth?
In most cases the missing tooth can be accounted for during the creation of the sports guard so that the replacement tooth will fit into the guard once it comes through.

How do I take care of the sports guard?
A use and care instruction sheet is provided at pickup time.

How long will the sports guard last?
Custom made mouthguards are made for the teeth present when the cast is made. Children's teeth will change with the eruption of permanent teeth. How long a mouthguard lasts depends on how well it is cared for and how quickly a child's teeth change. Check the condition of your (or your child's) mouthguard regularly, and replace it if it is worn, chewed, has holes or tears, or if it becomes loose, or irritates the teeth or gums. It is critical NOT to CHEW on the mouthguard. This will negatively affect the fit, effectiveness, and lifespan of the guard. A typical child's mouthguard will need to be replaced approximately every sports season to maintain a proper fit and function. Adult mouthguards usually last much longer.

How does Smile Savers offer a superior sports guard compared to competitors?
Smile Savers delivers superior quality through the use of specialized equipment and techniques that are not often available at one day clinics. Careful attention to every detail is in each custom sportsguard to ensure a personalized one of a kind "perfect fit". Smile Savers is "always" available and can be relied upon in emergency situations for quick turn around circumstances.

Are group or team discounts available?
Smile savers offers competitively priced sport guards and offers groups and team discounts!

What happens if I lose the sports guard or it was destroyed shortly after delivery?
Provided there has been little changes to the customer's teeth or mouth a new sports guard can be made from the model that came with the original sports guard. However each case is different and needs to be reviewed to determine if that is possbile.

What if I have braces?
Due to the nature of braces and the regular adjustments to the alignement and spacing of the teeth it is not advisable to get a custom fit sports guard. It is better to speak with your orthodontist to select a sportsguard that is more suitable to your situation. Once the braces are off then a custom sports guard can be made.

What types of colours of sports guards and cases are available?
Name it!! The laminate vendor is constantly altering their selections. There is a wide array of choices. At times there is limited availability from the supplier but in most cases a specific colour can be obtained.

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